Introducing Seiko Kinetic Watches - Seiko is one of the world's leaders in the watch industry.

Choose Your Body Lotion - Body lotions come in many different combinations of herbs, natural products derived from fruits, plant leaves or seeds.

How to Cut and Clasp Jade Bracelets - This article gives you information on where and how to get your jade bracelets cut and how you can go about putting a clasp on so you don't have to try and force your bracelet over your hand.

Diamond Color Judging For Jewelry - In judging the color of diamonds it is necessary to obscure the prismatic play of colors in order to see the true color.

Short Skirts for Women - There are many different varieties of skirts for women to wear, long, short, tight fitting or loose and flowing skirts.

Fresh Water Pearls Where Do Pearls Come From And How Are They Made - Freshwater pearls are a kind of stone that comes from freshwater mussels.

Womens Designer Shoes For the Woman Who Wont Settle For Less - When a woman goes straight to the womens designer shoes section of the mall, you know you've got a connoisseur on your hands.

Dreams of A Million Dollar Wardrobe - Would you say the clothes in your closet are worth a million dollars? What kind of fashion statement do the clothes in your wardrobe present? Are you a bold dresser? Or, do you like sensible, unfussy? Here are twenty tips for keeping an impressive fashion wardrobe.

Important Information About Operable Jewelry - There are hundreds of different options available when you are considering buying designer diamond jewelry, however there are certain important things that you must look out for when purchasing an Antique Diamond Engagement Ring - Diamonds remain to be one of the most sought-after possessions for they represent perfection, beauty, power, and wealth.

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