Short Skirts for Women

There are many different varieties of skirts for women to wear, long, short, tight fitting or loose and flowing skirts. Of course, which skirt you choose to wear will depend upon many aspects, such as the weather, occasion, and comfort and dare I say it - intentions. Short skirts above all others capture the male attention for better or worse; attention which while at times may be very much wanted or enjoyed, but other times it can send out completely the wrong message and may be more hassle than they are worth. Inappropriate times to wear a short skirt may be at a job interview or at work. Often, particularly in office environments, an atmosphere or sexual tension between male and female co-workers can often be present anyway, and wearing provocative clothing can only heighten the intensity of this atmosphere. This is all well and good if you're boss doesn't mind (think why this may be also), and you can cope with the attention you'll be getting, but don't complain when you find men constantly looking at you're legs as some women do.

This makes no sense whatsoever and it is you who is at fault here. Remember, you are at work to work and so is everybody else, and showing a nice pair of legs in a short skirt is likely to turn the atmosphere from a professional work environment to one of a sexually tinged one. Be careful about opening this can of worms.

Short skirts are usually worn during the hotter summer months because they are cool, allowing you're legs to breath and also allow you to get almost a complete tan of you're legs. You may wish to wear a short skirt for the aforementioned reasons, or you may wish to wear a short skirt to show off you're shapely legs to attract attention to yourself or a particular males attention - and this will be one extremely effective way to do so, providing you have a nice pair of legs. It has to be said with all truth and honesty that short skirts aren't for everybody and a person with a pair of legs which are less than attractive will in fact divert attention away from their better attributes and draw them to the legs, which isn't a good thing.

Case in point: If you can pull it off - do it, if you can't, find a longer skirt perhaps, or a pair of trousers, or if you can be bothered try and lose some weight if need be and tone you're legs up (particularly the calf muscles) to make you're legs look more shapely and sexy.

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