Dreams of A Million Dollar Wardrobe

Some things can be done in a hurry, some in pieces, some all at once, some in stages, and some not at all. It is up to us to fit the process to the task. -Ann Wilson Schaef Having the basic clothing in your wardrobe requires careful planning. It is a controlled series of garments designed to carry you everyday, from one season to the next. Test yourself to see if the fashions in your closet get the care they deserve and are in tip-top shape. What kind of statement do you wish your wardrobe to make? Are you a bold, attention getting dresser? Or, do you like comfortable, sensible, low-key styles? Are you a bargain hunter, or do you buy the best designer brands? How often do you dress-up and show your glamorous side? Here are twenty tips for keeping an impressive fashion wardrobe .

. . 1. Make sure your day-to-day clothes are cared for by keeping the following items close-at-hand: Spot remover for small stains A good clothes brush to remove dust and lint A sewing kit for minor rips and repairs A good quality stream iron to remove wrinkles Plastic garment bags for storing out-of-season clothing. 2. Know how to care for the different fabrics in your wardrobe.

Most garments come with a label or tag that names the fabric content, and instructions for its care. 3. Give your garments space to breathe. This avoids crowding that causes wrinkling and extra pressing when ready to wear. 4.

Suits and dresses last longer and require less cleaning when they are alternated between wearing. 5. Avoid wearing your best clothing when working or relaxing around the home, even for short periods of time. You avoid irreparable damages.

6. Close all zippers and buttons before hanging them up. This preserves the shape of the garment.

7. Protect out-of-season clothes by placing them in dust-proof garment or plastic bags. 8. Choose a special place for everything and keep everything in its place. That way you will know where to look when you need it. Fold knitted sweaters and put them in a drawer or on a shelf.

Keep jewelry, belts, hose, gloves, and hats in their own special place. 9. Before putting on your garment, open zippers and buttons completely to save possible ripping or tearing of the garment, or an injury to yourself when in a rush. 10.

Make sure clothing is clean, repaired, and pressed before putting them on. May save you a later embarrassment. 11. When an item is imperfect, be sure to have it altered professionally if you are not skilled enough for the task.

12. Purchase suits that are fully lined. They last longer and you get more wear out of them.

13. To keep your jewelry in a sparkling state, give it a frequent beauty bath with soap and warm water, or with a commercial cleaner. 14. Be reasonable when making your fashion purchases. Make sure the item fits your goal, is useful, and is affordable. 15.

With a little study and planning from season to season, you can look at your wardrobe and tell what is still wearable. Update the items that are useable and discard the ones that have outlasted their usefulness. 16. Make sure your basic clothing is of good quality. Your basics are those items that are unfussy or simple enough to wear just about anywhere. And in colors that can blend with the colors in several other outfits already in your wardrobe.

17. When purchasing new or replacement items, make a clothing budget. Estimate how much you can afford to spend. 18.

Shop at stores that are known for good quality and service. Make a habit to always compare prices. 19.

When shopping, keep your proportion in mind. Are you petite? Full figured? Short and pleasingly plump, or tall and slender? 20. Buy according to your personality, your figure, your time limit, and the occasion for the purchase. You may not be able to have the best designer fashions, but the care and planning you give your clothing states whether your wardrobe is worth a million dollars, or whether it looks like something from the cheapest bargain basement.

No matter what your personal preference is in the clothing you buy, the clothing you wear, and the clothing that makes up your wardrobe, you create a certain statement each time you enter the public arena.

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