When Thinking Of Protection From The Sun For Your Children Dont Forget Sunglasses

UV radiation can cause a lot of different harmful effects on our bodies. The most commonly heard about is skin cancer. The radiation from the UV rays can burn and damage skin, and over time lead to different types of skin cancer. However, there is more than just cancer that can be caused by these harmful UV rays. Damage to the eyes is another important effect a lot of people do not think about. This damage, no matter what part of the body, can occur at any time of the year, in sunny or cloudy weather.

Summer however is the time where you need the greatest amount of protection. First, you need sun screen with a minimum SPF of 15 for adequate protection. This needs to be applied every two hours and after swimming or heavy perspiring. On children, this is a must.

This however only protects your skin. You still need something to protect your eyes, sunglasses. There are many types of sunglasses available that you can buy, and almost every store, even gas stations carry them.

What you need to be careful of is that they say UV protection. If it is just tinted plastic or glass, it's not going to protect you. Children are more susceptible to UV ray damage than adults. This is mainly true because children spend more time outside than adults do. There are several types of sunglasses available for kids.

They can be in a variety of colors, shapes, animals, and even what size they come in. Again, only buy glasses that have the UV protection. The child must be with you when you purchase the glasses so you can be sure that they not only fit the face properly, but also shield the eyes from all angles. The lenses of the glasses should be made of a polycarbonate and impact resistant.

Never buy sunglasses made of glass unless prescribed by a doctor. Along with encouraging children to wear sun glasses, also have them wear a wide brim hat. These together should offer the child great protection.

There are many important things parents need to protect their children against. UV ray protection is just as important as any other thing. Since damage is done over time, children must be taught at a real young age how important wearing and reapplying the sunscreen, wearing properly fitted sunglasses, and also using a wide brimmed hat for ultimate protection.

Teaching children at a young age will help to establish good habits that will last a lifetime, and they too will pass on to their children. Eye damage later in life, such as cataracts could be from poor eye protection as a child. By then, it is too late, the damage has been done.

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