What Is A Laser Hair Removal Clinic

Unwanted hair can be embarrassing and affect your self confidence. The traditional ways of hair removal such as shaving, waxing, use of chemical depilatories and tweezers are mostly painful and remove the hair only for a short span of time. Laser hair removal is a boon for every person who has cringed at the thought of waxing or the inconvenience of shaving. A laser hair removal clinic is equipped with state of the art equipment used and supervised by a doctor. In fact most states in America require that a MD oversee the administration of laser treatment. What is a Laser Hair Removal Clinic? A clinic is a place where you can have unwanted hair removed permanently in a painless procedure using laser beams.

It is vital that you go to a clinic for this method of hair removal as they would have FDA approved laser equipment and a competent staff that is trained and qualified in using laser equipment like the diode laser. In the untrained hands of a novice the laser equipment can cause damage to the skin and person. Clinics are professional establishments which can help advise you on issues such is if your skin is ideal for treatment, what precautions need to be taken before hand, etc. The science behind this type of hair removal is that the laser energy is absorbed by dark colors and reflected by lighter ones. The laser is focused on hair follicles until they have absorbed the light energy to the maximum and finally die. Thus it is vital that your skin color be lighter than your hair.

In case you have a darker skin tone bleaching beforehand may help. You can contact a reputable clinic to discuss any issues that you may have. Your cosmetic surgeon at the laser hair removal clinic will provide appropriate instructions and advice regarding skincare after laser hair removal. The risks at a clinic are minimal and you can be rest assured that you are in the hands of competent professionals. Sittings at the Clinic The number of times you would have to visit the clinic would depend on the number of sittings required. The amount area from which hair is to be removed is the chief factor in deciding the number of sittings required.

Thus the number of times you would have to frequent the clinic would be less if you are only having hair removed from your eyebrows as compared to if you were getting hair removal for your legs. The sittings need to be spaced out as only three fourths of your hair grows at a time; so ideally treatments should be at least a month apart. You need to be able to allocate enough time to visit the clinic for the number of sittings required. Usually a minimum of three sittings are needed. Pricing at a Clinic * The pricing of the treatment should be clearly discussed with the clinic.

It varies from region to region and is also dependent on the cosmetic surgeon. * While the cost at a clinic is higher than your usual beauty salon it is compensated by painless and permanent hair removal. Thus what you would pay over the years for repeated visits to your beauty consultant for hair removal is replaced by payment for a few sittings of laser hair removal.

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