Types of Breast Implant Available Today

Breast augmentation, and in particular breast enlargement, is big business today. Once inserted into a patients breasts the look and feel of the implants is paramount. Since their inception, breast implants have undergone many transformations from their crude beginnings to a sophisticated and effective modern day implant suiting a variety of needs. Implant variations: Implant fillings Three main types of breast implant filling exist, silicone, sterile saline water, and cohesive gel (still in development). In the Unite States there are principally two main producers of breast implants, Mentor and Inamed.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) only approve implants filled with saline water. The salinity is equal in concentration to that of human blood and therefore poses no threat if leaked into someone's body, unlike the potentially lethal silicone. The new cohesive silicone has a consistency of wine gums making it far less likely to leak out of any potential openings of an implant, therefore much safer. Currently the only way to obtain these new implants is to find a responsible surgeon undergoing trials.

There are both advantages and disadvantages associated with the various types of implant shapes and textures: Smooth or textured Smooth implants move around freely in the space created for them. Their tough skin is thinner than a textured breast implant, additionally these implants last longer before needing to be replaced. Textured breast implants attach to the surrounding tissue meaning they are more likely to remain in the same position in the breast. These implants were created so that they would prevent the complication known as 'capsular contracture'.

Whether they achieved their aim remains debatable. Rippling of the tissue attached to the rough edge of the implant is visible sometimes when the breast tissue and implant move in opposite directions. Smooth implants tend to cause less rippling. Another problem with this implant is that it is more likely to leak its contents than a smooth implant. Round or contoured Two rough implant shapes exist, round and contoured.

Contoured (or 'anatomical') implants were originally used for breast reconstructive purposes, they are now used in breast augmentation. Adopting a conical shape, implanted with their cone end upwards, these implants are so called 'bottom-heavy', more weight concentrated at the bottom. These have the less desirable habit of being able to flip or turn in their cavity and so tend to have a textured outer layer. High profile implants These are modifications of the basic flatter round breast implant. High profile implants have a smaller diameter base, more of the contents being projected upwards to provide a more natural breast shape when seen from the side.

Remember, if you are thinking of having breast surgery choose a well known professional surgeon. Go and discuss your decision with him/ her so that you both feel comfortable with the way in which to move forward. More often than not a surgeon will prefer a particular company when it comes to implant choice. He/ she should be able to justify their decision easily.

If you have any discrepancies simply ask.

If you are interested in knowing more about saline breast implants try visiting for more information.

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