Theres A Lot More To A Pair Of Jeans Than You Think

Today, almost every one right from children to adults prefers wearing jeans simply because of the comfort and fashion they provide! Plenty of variety There are so many types of jeans that it can be very difficult to choose the right one. There are the ultra slim fit jeans that are meant to hug you in all the right places. Then there are the low rise jeans which are meant to hug at your hip and make you look ultra fashionable.

These are best combined with short t-shirts and jackets for a perfect look. Then you also have boot cut jeans which flare a little at the bottom. There are also variations in the texture of jeans. You have stressed jeans which have undergone tremendous stress and high temperature in order to create a pair of jeans that truly is durable.

There are also a variety of modern jeans available for women that comprise beautiful embellishments, stone work, sequins work and some even have diamonds and exquisite embroidery work on them. These jeans are primarily for party wear and they go best with a glamorous clutch bag and a simple t-shirt. A brief history The ubiquitous pair of jeans has quite a remarkable history of its own.

The traditional blue jeans has been worn by many a legend right from Elvis Presley to James Dean to John Wayne to many other Hollywood legends. One of the first persons to invent jeans was Jacob Davis who was also called Jacob Youphes. This was way back in the year 1834 in Latvia. He was a German and was instrumental in creating the first pair of jeans ever! However, most people know of Levi Strauss as the legendary creator of jeans. He created the Levi Strauss brand as early as 1853.

Today Levi Strauss or Levis as it is popularly called is a brand to reckon with. It stands for high quality jeans that last for years, provides fashionable fits and innovative cuts and designs. The first ever colors to be used in jeans were the brown ‚??duck‚?? color and the indigo blue color. The ‚??duck‚?? range of jeans was not very soft and comfortable owing to which its manufacturing was abandoned later on.

However, the indigo blue variety of jeans or denim as it came to be known was very comfortable with a nice finish. Rivets were used on the denim fabric in order to create the typical look of jeans as what we find today. The jeans that were worn to the work place were also called ‚??waist overalls‚?? in those days. However, it was only as late as 1960 that the trousers were officially called jeans. A style statement In the hippie culture as well as during the 1950s, college students used to wear jeans as a sign of rebellion. It also served a way for young kids to look more grown up and adult.

It was during the 1970s that the Me Decade brought about celebrities endorsing jeans and various brands. That is truly when wearing jeans were all about being cool, sexy and glamorous. Fashion forays Who can forget the Calvin Klein ad with Brooke Shields advertising the jeans brand? She was just 15 years old then and the tag line was 'nothing comes between me and my Calvins'. That was during 1980. Since then fashion magazines like Vogue used jeans to adorn their cover pages with glamorous pictures of models endorsing various jeans brands.

It was during the 1990s that the baggy styled jeans became very popular. They served to represent the hip-hop culture and most Afro-American people were seeing sporting this style then. It was also a way to add up to the rock star look of a person! Jeans today Today, jeans have come a long way from what they used to be back then. Today jeans are a necessity. The denim fabric itself has been used in a variety of other clothing such as jackets, bags, shoes and even jewelry! Fashion designers are getting more and more innovative by the day and are coming up with interesting ways to wear jeans. Many celebrities have been known to cut up their jeans to make them into ultra-mini shorts.

This became a rage after Samantha Fox started sporting this look. Celebrities like Britney Spears, Heidi Klum, Reese Witherspoon as well as plenty more have made the jeans look super glamorous and sexy as opposed to the laid back, cool image it once had. Nowadays, wearing jeans is very hip, sexy and very in.

Most corporate offices even encourage Fridays as casual day where employees are allowed to wear jeans and casual shirts. The way forward Considering there is only so much you can do with jeans, fashion designers are thinking up new ways of wearing this versatile fabric. This true blue symbol of American culture is a shining example of how clothing can go beyond boundaries and serve to symbolize an entire culture.

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