The Popularity of Indoor Tanning

Today, tanning indoors has become more popular than you can imagine. The thought of lying on the beach and exposing their bodies to long periods of UV rays is not as appealing as it once was. However, not getting enough sunshine is not good for you body either. Your body receives Vitamin D from the sun, which is very important for a healthy body.

You may believe you are receiving enough Vitamin D from the foods you eat and the supplements you take; however, your skin needs the sunlight, either real or from a tanning bed. Yes, UV rays are harmful to your skin. They can in fact cause skin cancer. However, if you use common sense and only use the tanning bed as recommended and the proper tanning bed for your skin type your chances for contacting skin cancer will diminish.

Indoor tanning gives you many options that you do not have with the sun. You can tan any time day or night, in the privacy of your home. This is one major reason many people today are purchasing tanning beds and booths for their homes. Then comes the time of year, you cannot lie out in the sun with 3 feet of snow and expect to get a great tan. Indoor tanning can also be regulated. You can adjust the bulbs or lamps so you receive just the right amount of rays to give you that bronze look without over doing it and receiving a burn.

However, remember, if you have not tanned this year, you should first get a base tan. Only use the tanning bed for around 10 minutes, 2 to 3 times per week until you have a light tan. This will help ensure you will not receive a sunburn. Do not stay in the tanning bed until your skin turns pink or red. This is not healthy.

Look for tanning creams or lotions for your type skin, there are tanning lotions for light, medium, medium dark, and dark. Not using the proper lotion may not protect you properly. You should also talk with the assistant at the tanning salon to ensure that tanning bed is proper for your type of skin or be sure they adjust the lamps for your skin. Remember, a great looking tan will not happen overnight and you need to protect your skin at the same time. So, use the proper tanning lotion and the correct tanning bed for your skin.

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