The GlovePurposes Fabrics and a Brief History

A glove is a piece of clothing that covers the hand. They have a different opening for each finger and the thumb. If there is no covering for the fingers, this type of glove is called a fingerless glove. If there is one big opening for all of the fingers to fit through, it is called a gauntlet. Gloves that cover the entire hand and fingers but have no individual finger openings are called mittens.

Gloves are used to protect the hands from different elements, including cold weather, heat, chemicals, diseases or friction. Gloves are made from different materials in order to serve their proper purpose. Gloves worn by health care professionals are made from latex, rubber, or vinyl. These gloves are typically disposable and prevent against the spread of disease and germs between individuals. Some police officers use these types of gloves while examining a crime scene in order to protect the evidence, and keep their finger prints from entering the crime scene. Police officers also use these types of gloves to protect themselves against diseases such as HIV.

Fingerless gloves are usually warn in cold environments by individuals who desire to use their fingers in a way in which fingered gloves would prevent. People who wear these types of gloves might include smokers. Fingerless gloves are also worn by cyclist who are trying to prevent calluses from developing on their hands. Gloves warn by the average person to protect themselves from cold conditions include, cloth, wool, felt and leather. Gloves are also used for fashion, ceremonial and religious purposes. Especially in the 13th century, ladies wore gloves as fashion ornaments.

They were usually made from silk or lace, and often reached as high as their elbows. In the late 16th century, however, Queen Elizabeth 1, set the fashion stage when she wore gloves decorated with elaborate embroidery and expensive jewels. Embroidered and jeweled gloves were also worn by Emperors and Kings in the 16th century. Today, the glove is less popular as a fashion accessory, but is still found worn by some ladies during their wedding ceremonies.

Popes and Cardinals also wear gloves during times of mass, or celebration. Their use has been dated back to the 10th century. While some people speculate that they were first used as a means to keep their hands clean, others suggest that they were only a part of the dignified and magnificent display the Bishops were surrounding themselves with.

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