Steam Bath Benefits of Steam Baths

Not unlike a sauna in that it induces sweating, but with entirely different atmospheric conditions, the steam bath not only relaxes you and renews your energy, but also promotes your health and beauty as well. It is operating most effectively at temperatures of between 43C(110F) and 46C(116F) and a relative humidity above 100%. In a steam bath, steam (or to be more scientifically correct, MIST) should be permanently present. This requires an efficient steam generator, a precise control system and a steam-tight cabin to prevent steam escaping and damaging the fabric of the surrounding room. You have enjoyed standing under a hot steamy shower.

Besides the shower you can enjoy a steam bath. The steam bath units are available for sale in steam shower and sauna companies. When you buy a steam bath unit you will get the same benefits as from a steam shower and a normal bath. These steam baths are different in design. The steam bath will be enclosed in a cubicle. This cubicle will resemble a normal shower excepting instead of a shower space there will be a shelf or a bench as in a sauna.

You will find multiple shelves on the walls of the steam bath. You will be able to place your various toiletries and aromatherapy oils on these shelves. The steam bath will have an enclosed fiber glass door that is designed so that it fits flush against the doorway. As a result of this you will not find any steam from the steam bath escaping into the cold air of the bathroom. This design feature also ensures that there is an even flow of hot steam enveloping the cubicle. The effects of being in a steam bath are felt as you are slowly enveloped by the steam arising all around you.

Since the steam that is generated from the steam fittings is trapped inside of the steam bath cubicle you will feel this mist slowly pouring into your body. The result of this is in many ways similar to the sauna in that you begin to sweat. Unlike the sauna your body doesn't get overheated as the mist is also cooling. The other effects of a steam bath include your body flushing out any environmental toxins. You will feel your muscles become loose. The tense and painful feeling that you may experience in your head and shoulder muscles will be unraveled by your soothing steam bath.

Even though a steam bath is very relaxing you should make sure that you don't stay in the steam bath for more than 15 to 20 minutes. After a suitable period of time you can experience that heat and relaxation of the steam bath. To make sure that you will not experience any ill effects of the steam bath you should make sure that you drink plenty of water right throughout your steam bath time sessions. To get the ultimate experience in a steam bath you should add some healing aromatic aromatherapy oils into a container or dispenser so that the oils will mix with the steam from your steam bath. This will provide you with a great relaxing end to your day.

Benefits The possible benefits of steam bath visits are numerous and valuable. The steam will soothe sinus irritation due to allergies or colds and chest congestion from asthma or bronchial infection. Excessive sweating clears your pores and purges toxins.

The elevated temperature increases your circulation for healthier skin and more energy. Just like a hot bath, this treatment will relax stiff muscles from exercise and ease swelling or tension in joints associated with arthritis.

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