Sexy Lingerie How to Choose The Right Colour

There are a number of factors to consider in choosing the appropriate lingerie colour for you as a lady, or for a gentleman selecting for his lady friend.

Factors such as hair colour, eye colour and skin tone. Thereafter, consideration should be given to the mood a particular colour choice in sexy lingerie evokes or suggests and how it suits the lady and the relationship.

If you are a gentleman buying sexy lingerie for a lady, it will be well received if you get the colour choice appropriate and here we aim to help with that.

Presumably if you are buying her sexy lingerie you must know her pretty well by now, and if not, are you sure you should be buying sexy lingerie for her at all? Perhaps a nice but slightly sexy dress would be a better choice in advancing the relationship. Showing you care and moving things along but without putting any pressure on her.

OK, so you are intimate, what colours does she wear already and look good in and feel comfortable in? This could be the best factor of all to consider. If that doesnt clear the decision up quite quickly read on and well try to give some further insight and help.

Perhaps you think she hasnt quite got her own colour choices quite right, they dont suit her and you are not quite sure why.

Proceed with care and considerable caution if you think you know better than her.

Some advice for both ladies and gentlemen sexy lingerie buyers.

Hair colours and how that effects the lingerie.

Blonde ladies suit especially sexy lingerie choices of black and varying shades of blue including purple, the pastel colours and also pink. White just usually seems to blend in and may be inappropriate but bare in mind the other factors, there are exceptions.

Red Heads/Auburn
Ladies of this hair colour look great in shades of green lingerie and also the pinks and pastel colours and earth tones.

Dark hair contrasts well with white but also red lingerie looks great. Sometimes, Black provided she is not too dark skinned so as to fade away.

Skin Tone as it effects colour choices of sexy lingerie.

You may be able to get away and indeed look good with a sexy lingerie colour choice that is close to your skin tone but coupling that with a close match to hair colour too is likely to be too much. So in general terms, attempt to get some contrast and a mild one often works well. Just so long as it is clear where the lingerie ends and the skin begins.

Very pale skinned ladies tend to suit the lighter pastel colours of lingerie.

Slightly darker sun tanned or olive skinned may choose slightly darker colours of sexy lingerie but maintain that differential between skin tone and lingerie colour. And it often looks even sexier when the tan starts to fade!

Darker skins have more options as in essence they can wear the lighter colours as well as the darker lingerie too, but do bare in mind eye colours.

A compliment to the eye colour can work, rather than a clash, but a lady with startling blue eyes may look stunning in blue lingerie. Its a whole mix of hair colour, eye colour and skin colour and lingerie and how the lingerie fits in to the mix for best effect.

The Moods evoked by Erotic Lingerie colours

Having given consideration to the lingerie colours as related to your own features, you may well want to consider the mood that particular colours evoke. (Its not just the colour obviously as the lingerie style has a big part in this too).

The staple colours for lingerie are Black, White and Red.

White represents purity and innocence and that may give some balance to the provocative act of wearing lingerie. Perhaps the choice of a slightly less confident lady, not shy or timid, but not quite as bold, wild or adventurous as some others. Although she still knows how to have a good time and intends to have one. Often a favourite choice for men to see their partner in white lingerie.

Black is actually an absence of colour, if we want to get scientific.

As far as erotic lingerie is concerned though, it is a slimming colour, and a good choice for slightly larger ladies providing it doesnt clash in respect of any of the other factors. It is powerful but also brings with it an element of sophistication.

Red is a very passionate colour in itself and when red becomes lingerie red that is a very intense combination. It expresses warmth, love, desire and anticipation and life on the wild side. The colour of blood is red, after all.

A choice for the wild hearted passionate lady.

After the staple lingerie colours a few more are worthy of mention.

Purple. Because of the way the dye was originally sourced, it was expensive and only purple clothing could be afforded by the wealthy. Today, purple lingerie still suggests luxury, comfort and sophistication.

Pink is a very popular choice for lingerie.

For pink think a calmer version or red with added romance and tenderness. It is a feminine colour bringing to the lingerie elements of red but a little watered down.

Green represents nature and that which is natural. Not everyones favourite when it comes to lingerie but can suit the feminine lady as it is the colour of fertility in nature.

Blue lingerie means loyalty, trust and is the choice of a lady with a maybe, normally less adventurous, husband who perhaps needs a little reassurance now and again or confidence building. The darker blues begin to encroach on the effects of sexy black lingerie.

Some of the other Jolly colours such as yellow and orange are usually best left to trimming the lingerie and not suitable as the main colour of the lingerie item itself.

Remember, there are always exceptions, and how it all comes together for that particular lady, her partner, and the final intimate and romantic result is what matters.


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