Selecting Best Color Contact Lenses for Your Eyes

Do you want to change the way you look? You can change your hair style or hair color, but why not to change your eye color as well? With modern contact lenses this is very easy to do. See what color contact lenses can do for your appearance. What color contact lenses can you find? There are several types of color contacts, each serving different purpose. Different lenses are suitable for light and dark eyes. There are also contacts for Halloween and other costume parties that can make your eyes appear completely inhuman.

Enhancement tint color lenses. These lenses are best for people who have light eyes. They wouldn't make your eye color different, but brighten your natural color.

Most popular tints are aqua, blue and green. These lenses are partially transparent, so natural pattern of your iris is visible through it. That is why, enhancement lenses look very realistic. Many companies produce color contact lenses for light eyes. Most popular and naturally looking tints are Freshlook Dimensions by Ciba Vision and Acuvue 2 Colors Enhancers by Johnson & Johnson.

There is also a very interesting color lenses called Freshlook Radiance. These lenses illuminate your eyes, make them appear sparkling. The effect is really stunning. Opaque color contacts - ideal for dark eyes If you have brown eyes your only option is opaque color contacts. Enhancement tints will not be visible on your eyes.

Most popular colors are blue and jade green. Among many opaque contacts Freshlook Colorblends and Durasoft 3 Colorblends. The trick in making opaque color lenses look natural is to simulate the natural pattern of human iris. This is the reason they are called Colorblends - it is not a solid color, but a blend of colors to make the lens look realistic. Quality color contacts look very real.

Color contacts tips - Most color lenses come with corrective powers or in Plano (zero power) - You need a doctor's prescription for color contacts even if they are purely for cosmetic purposes - Color contacts are healthy for your eyes if your care for them properly, it is important to keep them in a special contact lens solution and clean them every time after wearing. - You shouldn't wear color contacts for too long, 6-8 hours per day is the maximum recommended by most doctors If you are still debating whether or not to buy a pair of color contact lenses, make yourself a gift. They can really transform your appearance. And with prices on color lenses going down in recent years, color contacts are very affordable now.

See pictures and reviews of cheap color contacts at Contact Lenses Guide. We also provide independent reviews of contact lenses by different brands with pictures of real people wearing colored lenses

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