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The world we live in is a competitive one. Every one wants to do well than the people around them in any aspect whether it is looks or success. They want to be successful and to be appreciated from people surrounding them. Women and girls are keener to look bold and beautiful than men. A girl envies another girl when her opponent looks better than her.

So they try to look beautiful through other means. Good shaped lips are very important for a woman to look good and the one's not having them can acquire with the use of a lip sense to look beautiful than the women around them. A perfect lip color and a perfect lip liner should be used for getting perfect lips. It adds to the beauty of a woman when her lips shine and shimmer.

Hence, many of the women give more time of their make up to their lips as they know that lips are the important feature for their beauty. Many products like the lip sense, lip liner and lip gloss are used to make the lips look hot. Lip gloss protects the lips from becoming dry and keeps them wet for long hours. Lip sense is the semi permanent lip color applied on lips and lip pencil is another product which is used to outline the lips with the shade that match the lip sense color.

Some tips and tricks should be followed by the girls to change their lips into perfect lips. Out of all the make-ups, making your lips look beautiful is the toughest. Lip liner or lip pencil need not be applied too much, and if applied, it will make the lips look ridiculous as it may override the lip color. It should be carefully applied so that it differentiates the lips on the face.

It should be either too light or too dark. Hold the brush horizontally to move along the lip line. It should be done step by step. Within a stroke the line should not be drawn.

Small strokes should be applied to make your lips look hot and perfect. The use of lip sense is cool and does not harm the lips. According to experts, the women from Asia have great features and look stunning after applying a red lipstick.

Colors like red and deep maroon are most sexy shades. Woman blessed with fair complexion can use blue tone colors but be careful enough to avoid dark shades of orange and cherry red.

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