How Teeth Bleaching Differs from Teeth Whitening

A teeth whitening is a cosmetic service done commonly by dentists. There are a number of teeth whitening products that are available over the counter to choose from. Not all the products and treatments are recommended to everyone. The procedure of teeth bleaching works very well for those having healthy teeth and gums. Also, teeth whitening procedures are not permanent. The people who drink beverages and eat foods, which stain the teeth easily, more often go for the whitening treatments than those who do not consume such things.

Teeth bleaching effect varies from person to person depending on the nature of the stain, condition of the teeth and the type of bleaching treatment he has taken. The duration of the teeth bleaching effect is dependent on the whiteness of the teeth. Teeth bleaching or whitening procedures are both effective and safe and found that they do not cause any damage to the gums and enamel of the teeth. Popular teeth bleaching methods: Teeth bleaching toothpastes: This option is advised for people who have minimal amount of stains in their teeth caused by tea and coffee. They are found to be effective on people who have undergone professional teeth bleaching session and who are on the verge to keep their results. The toothpastes are a mixture of baking soda and diluted form of hydrogen peroxide.

Home bleaching kits for the teeth: Home bleaching kits are available in almost all the drugstores. They contain a mouth tray and a gel solution. It requires soaking the teeth for a minimum of 10 minutes and should be used only when prescribed by the dentists. This type of teeth bleaching is considered to be far better than the over the counter products since the dentist can make a follow up to find out any problems of the teeth.

Widely used home bleaching tips: A mixture of lemon juice and salt crystals is applied on the yellowish tinted teeth to remove the yellowish tint and make them brighter in color. Inner parts of the orange peels are rubbed on the discolored teeth to get a white shine. Bi-carbonate of soda with water when used regularly is said to remove stains on the surface of the teeth.

Bay leaves dried and powdered and mixed with dried orange peel are used as a natural whitener. Power bleaching of the teeth: This type of teeth bleaching is done with the help of hydrogen peroxide. It is the active ingredient leading to teeth whitening. The concentration of hydrogen peroxide is more. It can be up to 35 percentages hence it has to be done in the dental clinic by the dentist.

The results got out of this procedure are very impressive as high concentrated hydrogen peroxide and bright lights are used and may even last for a few years. Veneers for the teeth: Veneers are a popular option for permanent teeth whitening or bleaching. Veneers are made out of porcelain and are attached to the tooth. This is also an expensive process of teeth whitening.

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