Hollywood Actress Exposes Horror of Breast Implant Complications

At a 35th birthday party for rapper P. Diddy in November of 2004, actress Tara Reid exposed more than just a left mammary; she exposed the truth about breast implant complications and the horrifying effect that breast augmentation surgery can have on a woman's body. While she posed on the red carpet for photographers, the top of Reid's dress fell, exposing her left breast and what looked like a completely reconstructed nipple.

The actress, evidently mortified as photographers snapped pictures, fell prey to the all-too common complications associated with breast implant surgery. But, this wasn't even the first time that Tara Reid's breasts became water cooler fodder. Shortly after filming American Pie, the world noticed as her breasts grew from a measly A-cup to D-size overnight. It became immediately apparent to all of America that the actress underwent major breast implant surgery at the very young age of 18. At the time, no one realized the extent of the actress' battle with her breast implants, probably due to some hard PR work on behalf of the actress. But, in 2004 as Reid and her augmented breast strolled down the red carpet on the way to Diddy's 35th birthday bash, no amount of PR could hide the fact that the actress suffered from some horrific complications associated with her breast implants.

Every year in this country, thousands upon thousands of women undergo some type of breast enhancement surgery, but thousands also have their breast implants removed due to associated complications that most commonly include breast implant rupture or shifting, to more serious complications such as chronic infection of the breast, in some cases leading to breast cancer. Luckily for the women who choose surgical methods of breast augmentation, no paparazzi follow them around, waiting patiently for a breast to slip and expose their secret breast implant complications. If America could feel the pain that everyday women experience for larger breasts on a regular basis, it would certainly result in a sharp decline in the number of breast implants performed by plastic surgeons each year, especially for women who decide to go under the knife at such a young age as actress Tara Reid. Fortunately today's woman can choose from a veritable buffet of natural breast enhancement options. No longer do women need to suffer the horrific complications associated with breast implants in order to achieve the larger breasts that they desire.

In today's market, there are other safer, all-natural breast enhancement alternatives for a woman looking to increase the size of her breasts. These options boast safety for any woman, in an over-the-counter alternative, with none of the side effects or complications involved with breast implant surgery, and a fraction of the cost associated with breast enlargement surgery. As for Tara Reid, reporters now argue that the actress actually has the ugliest breasts in the world. But, it's pretty apparent that the complications that the actress suffered due to her breast implants are more common than women want to admit.

Fortunately, many women can look in the mirror happily and appreciate their natural breasts, and others who aren't as happy with the way they look, choose safer, more natural breast enhancement methods of increasing their breast size.

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