History of Prom Night

Nowadays prom nights have turned into indulgent and expensive affairs. Teen students eagerly look forward to it and preparations begin much in advance. If we delve into the history of proms, we find that they were nothing of the grand and exorbitant affairs they happen to be now.

There was no flaunting of designer dresses, elaborate hairdos, and stretch limousines. Let's take a trip back in time to find out how proms used to be earlier: The History Some historians believe that proms have existed as early as the late 1800s. The earliest mention of prom came in 1894, when the journal of a male student at Amherst College published a narration about his experience as an invitee to an early prom at the neighboring Smith College for women. In the early 1900s, prom was a simple affair where high school seniors wore their Sunday best but never bought new clothes exclusively for the event. In the 1920s and 1930s, students started arriving in cars, flaunted party clothes and danced.

As America's economy boomed post-war in the 1950's, proms developed into extravagant affairs. It was also during this time, that teenage girls started taking their prom dresses more seriously and shopped in search of the perfect outfit. As the competition for the coveted title of Prom Queen intensified, girls began to strive hard to get the most stunning dress, the best mode of transportation, and the hottest looking date. The title of Prom Queen was highly coveted and became a passport to fame and popularity.

The event was shifted from high school gyms to huge halls and live bands were hired. As the decades passed, school proms evolved into big grandiose events in a student's life. Today's Proms The proms of today are lavish, and an all night affair involving expensive ballrooms, live bands, DJs, ravishing dresses, and stretch limousines. Once dinner is over, the Prom King and Queen is announced, which is then followed by the dance. Girls prepare for days ahead of this mega event and fuss around with their shoes, their hairstyles, their prom dress and what not.

They visit shops and browse online stores for that perfect formal prom dress. Boys are not too far behind if their expensive tuxedos are anything to go by. Finding the prefect prom dress Finding the perfect formal prom dress is a tough job. There are different gowns for different body shapes. So select the prom dress which flatters you the most rather than what looks good in a magazine.

Check out an amazing collection of prom dresses online and pick the one which focuses on your assets while de-emphasizing your flaws. Once you have bought your chosen prom dress, find a charismatic date and you are ready for the most exciting time of your high school life?the prom night.

Cynthia ford is a fashion journalist. She is also a qualified fashion designer who specialist in Unique Prom Dresses and Formal Prom Dresses.

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