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Hip hop is more than just a form of music, hip hop is a culture. Hip hop incorporates clothing, jewellery and of course music. If you have ever wondered what the term hip hop clothing means, and how hip hop clothing came into existence then read on. First things first, hip hop clothing cannot be attributed to a single manufacturer, or designer. If anything, people and not designers or major design houses have made the largest contribution to hip hop clothing. Hip hop clothing has been influenced by amazingly eclectic sources.

The origin of hip hop clothing dates back to the late 70s and early 80s, when manufacturers like Adidas, Nike and Le Coq Sportif started offering clothing that was visibly more 'urban' in nature. When Run DMC and LL Cool J started sporting brightly coloured tracksuits, sheep skins and leather bomber jackets, clothing companies followed suit and started offering their version of hip hop clothing, which were an instant success. In addition to clothing, accessories like custom jackets, bucket hats and name belts also became must haves in the 70s and 80s.

Hip hop clothing truly came of age in the late 80s and 90s. The rise of Black Nationalism and the increasing popularity of rap music meant that fashion houses started concentrating on offering clothing that was influenced not just by rap music, but was also influenced by African culture. It was in the late 80s and early 90s that baggy pants, plaid shirts and jackets became popular. It was also during this period that fashion houses like Chanel and designers like Isaac Mizrahi first offered fashion wear influenced by hip hop clothing. The hip hop clothing we know today is heavily influenced by clothing from the late and mid 90s.

One of the biggest influences on hip hop clothing was from 'gangsta' rap. Back then rappers were inventing their own style of clothing and like always the masses were following their idols (not to mention the fashion houses). It was during this period the now popular fashion of wearing prison denims and low waist jeans with belts became popular. In addition, the rapping elite chose to bring age old gangster clothing like double breasted suits, and bowler hats back into fashion. It was only a matter of time before brands like FUBU, Nike and Ecko started offering 'Gangsta clothing'. However, the true icon of hip hop clothing is Sean "Diddy" Combs, Combs is responsible for bringing flashy PVC aviator inspired suits and platinum jewellery to hip hop clothing.

In fact, Comb's clothing line 'Sean John' is popular with people all over the US. Interestingly, when rapper Snoop Doggy Dog wore a Tommy Hilfiger sweatshirt on a popular television show, every single sweatshirt similar to the one Snoop Doggy Dog wore was sold out by the end of the next day; such is the influence that popular rap artists have on hip hop clothing. In addition, rappers like Jay Z have also contributed to an offshoot of hip hop culture called Bling culture.

Hip hop clothing today is also influenced by Bling culture. Hip hop clothing has been greatly influence by sportsmen, and skateboarding shoes also called 'Dunks' are now everyday wear with hip hop clothing. Also, Nike dunks have become an integral part of hip hop clothing.

Nike dunks were designed to have a lower profile and a thinner sole; essentially Nike dunks were designed to be light weight sport shoes. One of the most popular basketball shoes ever produced by Nike is from the Nike Air Force 1 line of shoes. Nike Air Force 1 shoes are so popular that they have a rap song dedicated to them.

Today Nike Air Force 1 shoes are popular with not just basketball players and rappers, but Nike dunks in general are now a part of everyday hip hop clothing. Resource Box www.786-street-clothing.

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