Could The Casio SPFV The Perfect Countdown Watch For Surfers

Who is the fastest surfer or windsurfer? I don't mean in the world, I mean at that lower profile event or when you are trying out some stunts with friends. If you are like me, you've certainly looked for countdown watches that help you in this pastime. For others it is to help them time themselves.

This is invaluable in determining their improvement as they grow in a sport. The Casio SPF40-1V model is a countdown watch that satisfies both expectations. With it you can do the conventional countdown for five or ten minute start sequences.

There are beeps at every second of the last ten seconds. The good thing about the SP40-1V model is that it shows you hours, minutes and seconds simultaneously this helps know precisely when the first gun will go off. Other countdown watches keep you guessing. You can easily change or switch to stopwatch mode from the countdown mode.

The stopwatch mode helps you get accurate records of your finish time. It can also be used for events that run for long periods of time. Anyone who likes to run or walk will also appreciate the benefits of having a stop watch included in their regular watch.

It has a design that is different than regular watches. This one is made for work and not as a dress accessory. It is a lot larger too. However, it is made of plastic and so won't weigh you down. It also controls that a easy to use. It has a kind of thermometer so you can know what the temperature is.

If you need to know the pressure, you can. And, lastly, you can get your bearing right with the compass. It is, however, not as cheap as other Casio watches.

You get what you pay for. You pay for what you want. This countdown watch is loaded with features and goes further to ensure it merges great design, features and simplicity. Before deciding on a countdown watch that is right for you it is best to do a little research.

Spend some time on the Internet and at your local watch retailer so you know exactly what you are looking for in a watch. Then once you know what you want you can start searching for the best available prices. The Internet is often the best source you having for finding fantastic deals on merchandise.

If you need a countdown watch to track your surfing or any other sports activity this Casio watch is the best available. Plus you can find a variety of retailers online that offer this watch at big discount prices.

Gregg Hall is an author living in Navarre Florida. Find more about this as well as fine watches at

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