Cellulite Cellulite Treatment Options

Around the world, women suffer with an unsightly condition known universally as cellulite; whilst some areas are more susceptible than others, most sufferers find they are affected in areas below the waist. Although additional fat is normal in women, this is not just a problem exclusive to overweight women; women who are naturally slim can also suffer with this unsightly problem. The fats just below the skin surface push against the tissue which results in the skin surface having that dimpled look common of cellulite. In reality, nobody knows the real reason why some people accumulate these fats and not others, but there are some factors that health experts are considering such as the structure of the fat cells or toxins that enter the body. What is certain though is that the older you become the greater the likelihood of this type of cell forming as the elastin and collagen, that help stop aging lines, becomes less effective. Women are more prone to hormonal imbalances as they age and the fat found in their thighs and buttocks where it forms is different to the fat in other areas, unlike men who rarely suffer with this condition.

Often the cellulite goes unnoticed and it is only when a person's muscles are compressed or the skin is pinched that it can be seen and felt but women should not feel depressed about the problem as most suffer with it to a greater or lesser degree. After a great deal of research, certain conditions do help with the formation and retention of the fat cells; the age of the person, their gender, how thick their skin is and the amount of extra fat they carry, all play a part. As medical science cannot prove conclusively what causes the problem, it makes it difficult creating a cure even though a number have been tried including special burning creams. One method that hides the cellulite quite well by puffing the skin is deep massage and an increasing number of clinics are now offering this therapy. Perhaps the most drastic therapy is liposuction where fat is literally sucked from the body or the more expensive procedure of injecting certain chemicals in a process called mesotherapy. The problem with liposuction is not really the correct therapy for removing this type of fat but is for deeper fats, not those stuck in connective tissue, so it cannot claim to be a best treatment for cellulite.

Whilst the creams that claim to burn the fat deposits away may not be very successful, the latest generation is designed to hide the condition although once again this is a short term answer. It can only really be reduced as part of an overall weight reduction program through adopting a healthy eating and living plan, together with increasing exercise, so that body fat is reduced rather than connective tissues. If this is also followed by the adoption of drinking plenty of fresh water every day; unwanted toxins which can help in the formation of cellulite in the tissue are gradually removed.

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