Beverly Hills Skin Care Tips How To Have Skin Like The Stars

How do all those rich and famous women from Beverly Hills stay looking so beautiful? Although some turn to expensive and potentially dangerous plastic surgery, many of these ladies use natural, simple and effective methods to stay looking young. Here are three of the best Beverly Hills skin care tips that can help you look younger and healthier no matter where you're from. Tip Number 1: Enjoy The Sun Responsibly Despite what you seem to hear everyday about how dangerous the sun is, especially to your skin, the fact is we need some sunshine to keep our skin healthy. Yes, too much sun can be dangerous - so can too much of just about anything. Slathering yourself in too much sun-block or trying to avoid the sun altogether is just as bad.

The ladies in Beverly Hills know that spending a bit of every day basking in the California sunshine is not only pleasant, but also healthy and relaxing. Just don't overdo it. If you are going to spend more than fifteen minutes exposed to direct sunlight - then you'll want to make certain you are using a bit of high SPF sun-block. For the record, if you insist on having a real tan and are concerned about wrinkles down the line - develop it slowly in natural sunlight and avoid the tanning booths. Tip Number 2: Why They Don't Smoke In The Movies Anymore In the old days, you use to see actresses smoking in the movies very often.

Not anymore though. Of course we all know that smoking massively increases your risk of developing cancer - and that should be enough of a reason right there to avoid it. If you need a short term excuse to quit though, you should know that smoking damages your skin faster than you can imagine. As your body tries to flush the toxins out, your skin loses its natural glow, and the suppleness disappears, leaving wrinkles in it's place.

In Beverly Hills, smoking has long-since fallen out of fashion. If you care about your skin health and overall health, don't smoke - and avoid being around those that do. Second-hand smoke won't help your skin either. Tip Number 3: Don't Stress Out If there's one thing the women in Beverly Hills are really good at, it's relaxing. These ladies know that it's important to take time out everyday to just kick back and take a time out.

Too much stress causes chemical reactions in your body that can age your skin. If you want to avoid wrinkles for as long as possible, make sure you learn to take it easy too. Some quiet time by yourself in the morning, a soak in the tub in the evening, a short walk during the day; any of these can bring down your stress levels, relax your body and help keep your skin looking young and healthy.

The ladies in Beverly Hills know that skin care also requires the proper diet and nutrition. Some find that nutritional supplements such as sea vegg help the process along. You can learn more about this and other supplements to assist your skin care plan at right now.

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