Advantages to Online Casino Gambling

Convenience: Playing in an online casino is much more convenient then having to drive or maybe even fly to a casino. Maybe it is 2am and you can not sleep and there is nothing on TV. You can just log into an online casino and stat gambling. Maybe you have children and are unable to go to a casino because you do not have anyone to watch the kids. With an online casino you can log on when the kids are in school or at night when they are sleeping. Another advantage is that you do not have to pay the outrageous price for food that most casinos charge and you can run to the bathroom and not worry about it being dirty or someone stealing your chips while you are away.

Privacy: In a land based casino anyone can walk by and see you and they can watch you bet. If you win you have to take your winnings to your room or car and there is a chance that someone could attack you for your newly won wealth, but in an online casino the money goes into an account and from there to your bank the money is never at your home or on your person and no one can know who you are. So it is much safer for you. The privacy of gambling online also allows you to play in a way you would never play if someone could see you. Strategy: Gambling in an online casino and poker room allows you to play in ways you would never play if you were playing against people who could see you.

In a live poker room you may not have a good poker face which will hurt you especially if you try to bluff, but in an online casino you can not see the other people you are playing against and they can not see you thus making it easier to bluff successfully. Land Based Casinos offer players free alcohol in an effort to make their judgment impaired to help the casino take more of your money. In an internet casino you are playing at home and if you do not want to drink you will not be tempted by the waitresses offering you drinks every 5 minutes. Law: Gambling on sports is illegal in many states in the USA, but with access to internet casinos and online sports books you can place a bet no matter where you live. You can bet on any sport being played in any country.

Games: A casino is limited t the space it has as to how many of each game they can have but an online casino can have an unlimited number of games. This makes it easy to find a seat at the game of your choice. It also allows them to offer a larger variety of games.

You are not going to find war in many land based casinos, but many online casinos offer it for their players. These are just some of the reasons why I prefer online casino to the land based casinos.

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